App Analytics: taking your application development to a brand new level

Web application analytics allows to examine how frequently users resort to your app, how they use it, and any difficulties they may face.

In the age of mobile Internet, smartphones, and rapid growth of technology use among all demographics, it is no wonder that web application development continues to be one of the most active parts of the IT world. Most of the companies that think far ahead and want to attract the greatest share of business know that an application for smartphones and tablet computers is the way to go - importantly, while that does mean that these companies create web applications of various levels of quality, it does not necessarily mean that they take their efforts to the full possible extent.


Simply having a web application doesn’t mean that customers will find it or that they ones that do find it and download it will actually use it. It is in the knowledge of minute details like this wherein lies the difference between having an application for the sake of having an application, and having application development feed into the greater picture of your long-term success. This is where application analytics come in.


Web application analytics

The success of a web application can be measured in many different ways, some of which are more far-reaching and realistic than others. While the earlier stages of application development focused on the number of downloads of a particular application, this metric is no longer considered reliable in determining how successful a particular application is or could be.


The mere fact of a download that is not followed up by application being opened and used for extensive periods of time and many times at that, means little and certainly brings few advantages to the bottom line of a company. Web application analytics allow you to go that extra step to determine whether the users are happy with the application, how frequently they resort to it, what kinds of operations they do through it, and any difficulties they may face. Quality web application analytics, such as those offered by Google, Yahoo! and Amazon, among others, assist businesses in gathering a greater understanding of the ways their applications perform.


Why should this interest me?

Web application analytics certainly borrows much of its methodology and approached from the older field of web analytics that was (and still is) concerned with the performance of websites. The logic is the same. Why build a website or an application if no one can find it? How can you know whether the customers are happy with your website or application if you don’t track their movements, use, and time spent while interacting with your product? Where is the metric to see the return on investment when it comes to web marketing and application development? App analytics answer all of these questions, and more.


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