The cloud solutions refer to online data storage.

If you have been in business for a while, the words business intelligence and data mining and cloud have probably been on your mind many times before. The need for business intelligence to drive your business is undeniable, but many smaller teams have been struggling for years to find the BI solutions that work without costing half of the operational budget.

Cloud business intelligence is something that has been at the forefront of many entrepreneurs’ minds for a while, and yet it is only now that this is becoming a predominant topic. Let us look at what cloud business intelligence is and what the cloud can do for your business in this sphere. 

What is cloud BI?

When the business intelligence era first started in earnest, a separate data warehouse was required in order to store the ever-growing volume of data collected every day. While the larger companies could afford to have such a warehouse, as opposed to their small counterparts, they were still unable to have the adequate resources in order to analyze the scope of data involved in a meaningful way.

The data warehouse period was then surpassed by the era of remote databases hosted by third parties, such as Google or Microsoft, each of which would serve a separate purpose. While such an approach was still fraught with limitations due to only partial compatibility between various data sets, even the basic functionality was once again available only to the larger companies with dedicated resources working on business intelligence.

The cloud BI makes everything different - suddenly, there are opportunities for even solopreneurs and small businesses to have all of their business intelligence gathered together in one space in one database using the same formatting throughout. The ability to combine information from the field with the retail sector with the financial forecasts and so on and so forth is now given to every business that cares to look for such a cloud business intelligence solution, at an affordable rate. 

What does this mean for my business?

If during the previous stages of the business intelligence era one could easily say that no resources, either technical or staff or financial, are available to do this type of work, today the capabilities of data mining and analysis available through the cloud makes such laziness outrageous. Collecting, analyzing and making good use of BI should now be a part of the regular business operation globally. And with such level of big data and the ease of use of cloud business intelligence frameworks available to the end users - new horizons await in what is possible and what is worth trying.

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