At every step of a marketing campaign, big data can provide you with the business intelligence that is useful and verifiable.

What is big data? The key component of business intelligence (BI), which changes the way that marketing works. Of course you may think that you have so much on your plate already that business intelligence is not something you can devote time or energy to - but this is where you would be sadly wrong. Big data is where the interesting and ground-breaking work begins that can take you at a completely new level.


Why big data? 

Big data business intelligence is collected over a period of time and includes multiple metrics that are verifiable, repeatable, and useful. This data can come from multiple sources but is automatically amalgamated to help in important business decisions. In short, this is what everyone in business should be familiar with, as the data on customer retention, sales, regional diversity, and many other factors, all in their complexity of interrelations and interdependencies, is what is needed to move forward.

For you as a marketer, the big data gives greater insight into what campaign is successful and why, how the customers respond to particular elements of that campaign, what triggers purchasing decisions, and which medium works best for which messaging. Without the data to verify your intuition or perception of how things are going, you are still doing marketing the old-fashioned way that will hardly be appreciated or successful in the age of advanced BI.


How can big data help?

At every step of a marketing campaign, big data can provide you with the business intelligence that is useful and verifiable. The statistics and real time information tell you what your customer profile is, whether your assumptions and forecasts were correct, and whether your “professional intuition” or “gut feeling” were, in fact, accurate when you thought that a particular campaign was going exceptionally well (or extremely poorly).


As you become more accustomed to the data you can have at your disposal, you would be able to tailor products, slogans, and entire campaigns to specific demographics, media, times, and regions. All in all, big data will make you a better marketer through its endless positive potential and the fact that it gives you something indisputable, something tangible to rely on in your work. Big data is business intelligence that truly makes your business intelligent, no pun intended. If you would like more information on how BI can give your business a new start, get in touch with our expert team today.


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