Intranet web application is a software data application used primarily on the internal network of an organization.

If information technology, networking, web application development and VPNs are not your natural sphere of activities, you may be taken aback by the wealth of possibilities awaiting you out there when you start thinking about ways of making better use of the rapid technological advances of the past decade.

Following suit with the popular trend of the 1990s and the early 2000s, your company or organization may have installed an intranet system, but made little use of it beyond storing files. If that is the case, you should look into what is called an intranet web application - a user-friendly programme that is custom-designed for you in order to transform the potential of the intranet into true success of your team.

The intranet is more than a file depository?

While the basic meaning of the word intranet is that the computers only in a particular office or company are connected through it and there is no external access (let’s not get into the entire virtual private network debacle here), your intranet system has much more to it than just serving as a shared drive or anything like that. Any network, from the Internet to the intranet, is an ocean of possibilities, and intranet web application development can transform a boring techy element of your business operations into something that drives your company forward.

An intranet web application can have a variety of uses, such as:

  • Business intelligence aggregation ;
  • Staff socializing and team building ;
  • Human resources management, including streamlined processes for dispute resolution, days off, vacations, overtime etc. ;
  • Budgeting and resource allocation ;
  • Scheduling and project management ;
  • Client and partnership tracking.

How easy is it to develop such an application?

If web application development in general is not your field of expertise, you can hire an intranet web application professional to discuss details of your project with you - this is the only way to know if your project is realistic and/or likely to produce the effect that you desire.

As intranet web applications have now been around for a few years and definitely proven their worth, you would also be able to make use of the accumulated wealth of collective experience when it comes to such programmes. Importantly, while the application development in itself may require a certain investment and commitment of resources, if done right, it will quickly more than cover the expenses in terms of both time and money. An intranet web application that is user friendly, well placed, appealing and easy to understand, and in line with your business goals, plans and aspirations, will have the potential to make dramatic changes to various key performance indicators, streamline internal processes and time use, and so forth.

Should I make use of this?

Few businesses looking to grow and develop can do without an intranet system of some sort nowadays. If you are already making use of some of what intranet has to offer, why not make working with your intranet more enjoyable, easier, and more efficient for yourself and your employees? In terms of design and interactive components, anything that you can see in a web application on the Internet can be realized within an intranet - and why not?


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