Microsoft Azure is the online cloud application platform developed by Microsoft that allows developers to access online web applications directly.



Microsoft Azure and Web Applications

What do you know about web and cloud based applications? Web applications used to be considered the way of the future – in the meantime, they became an indispensable part of the present. Knowledge of how to brainstorm, plan and realize a great web app idea is something that doesn’t come quickly or easily, but luckily there are tools that make the process smoother. One of these is the Microsoft Azure App Service.

But before we introduce this exciting web application development and deployment service, it’s necessary to understand the very nature of web applications as opposed to other forms of programming.


What is a web application?

Web applications are now the standard form of information delivery. As opposed to an application based on the user’s computer, smartphone or tablet, a web application is based online, sometimes in a cloud or a shared server, as the case may be. Such deployment makes it easier to update the app’s functionality, enhance the users’ experience with it, fix any bugs and errors that may appear and so on and so forth. Web apps can serve a wide variety of purposes, from registration forms and databases to online banking to games to service tickets. Naturally, the development of web and cloud based applications is no straightforward task and demands perseverance, creativity, and courage. An app service such as the Microsoft Azure suite takes the stress out of the equation.


What is Microsoft Azure?

The Azure App Service is made with the purpose of putting the development of web apps on a brand new level. It has the functionality to assist with auto scaling and load balancing, continuous deployment, and auto patching. The compatibility of Microsoft Azure with Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal, as well as all major coding platforms, such as Python, Java, .NET, and PHP, make Azure an unprecedented positive moment in the life cycle of web apps and the day to day work of web application developers. In addition to the above, the Azure App Service boasts a high speed, scalability, and state of the art support. In short, this is the system that you have always wished there were but that didn’t exist just a short time ago.


Why Microsoft Azure?

While the benefits of employing the Azure suite in the development stages of a web app are many, its true value becomes fully evident when considering the questions of web or cloud application deployment. Improper deployment of even the most spectacular application can lead to its complete ruin and infamy, while correctly executed deployment can mean stability, positive reviews, and minimal or zero down time. If you were to develop and then deploy a web app completely relying only on your own resources, you would end up re-inventing the bicycle in the form of tons of coding that has already been done for you, exposure to security breaches, and overall negative dynamics. Configuring your own virtual machines, for example, is hardly the most exciting thing to do or the best use of your time as a professional.


Stability and Reliability

When you use Microsoft Azure to help set up the deployment of a web app, the virtual machines are configured for you and dozens of boring and redundant steps are skipped or automated. Through a clever algorithm structure that automates loads, Azure ensures that the end users access the web application indirectly, which allows for greater traffic flow and reliability in the long run. After all, are you really keen on tracking session affinities, IIS queue depths, and other factors when determining the best virtual machine to route your users through? The Microsoft Azure App Service does all of that for you. For example, if one of the chosen number of virtual machines you deploy on where to go down for any reason, it would be automatically replaced and the traffic rerouted without any downtime or loss of information for the end users. This is something that those users would greatly appreciate.

Ease of Use

Like most Microsoft products, Azure is intuitive and easy to use from the get go. The interface, add-ons, structure, and features are conveniently designed and offer a rich scope for customization and personalization. Given how simple the Azure App Service makes the web application development and continuous deployment, it’s no wonder that more and more reputable organizations and businesses rely on it for their cloud and web app work.

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