Mobile App Development Trends 2015

Thoransoft presents the new mobile app development trends for 2015.

Mobile app development is an ever-changing business that must take into account a dozen different criteria that would either make or break the perfect apps. Here, we will take a look at some mobile app trends of 2015. Some of these are related to changes in smartphone technology, while others relate to design policies and yet others deal with the evolving perception of Web applications as more user friendly and not just servile.


Technological mobile app trends

Two of the major trends related to such changes in 2015 would be rapidly increasing connectivity, which allows for greater integration of the smartphone with its users’ environment, and the larger screen sizes of smartphones, which mean that mobile apps made for these phones have to evolve as well. This second issue means that mobile app development must take into account the changing user experience, including the fact that more users now hold the phone in one hand and operate it with the other. Greater connectivity means the opportunity to integrate such components as sensor reactivity, Bluetooth, and data capture. Needless to say, every new change in smartphone technology means big news for the mobile app development sector.


Lightheartedness and the influence of design trends

Mobile app trends are inextricably connected to general trends in design. By light heartedness we imply the gradual transition from the era where virtual assistants and helpful characters in Web applications and software were more of a nuisance than a positive feature - to the era where these characters have spirit, a sense of humor, and an independent personality. As the smartphone user demographic changes, so does the general tone of mobile apps - from serious and formal to funny, playful and unique. Some apps even go so far as to be sarcastic, ironic, or borderline rude, thus of course this type of mobile app trends needs to sometimes be taken with a grain of salt.


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