Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) applications take data from different formats and bring it together in a way that is user-friendly and efficient.

Small businesses often start with a simple two-dimensional database that includes basic data correlations but is focused on providing linear data that is sufficient for decision making at the time. As a company or organization develops, however, such an approach to data management is no longer adequate, especially when the interrelation of complex and enormous amounts of data gets connected with web application development. Larger international teams and multi-layer decision making processes can no longer be sustainable through simple correlational database analysis, and this is where a much more complex and advanced approach is necessary - the online analytical processing or OLAP.

What is an OLAP application?

The Online Analytical Processing framework allows users to do things that would not be possible or would take a lot of time with the database offering only a two-dimensional correlational analysis.

OLAP Application takes data that is originally in different formats and brings this data together in a way that is more user-friendly, efficient, and helpful. The basic operating principles of OLAP-based web development are data consolidation or roll up, data drilling down, and what is rather gastronomically called slicing and dicing of data.

The different approaches allow the users to aggregate some data while going into the most minute details on a different data set and observing a third data set from various viewpoints at the same time. The complex mathematical and logical algorithms make an OLAP web application indispensable in any situation where large volumes of data are involved.

What are the benefits of using an Online Analytical Processing application?

Correctly installing and managing your OLAP application can work miracles on your ability to analyze and aggregate complex data. You finally have the potential to see your data in their entirety, not as fragments that may or may not have a connection between each other. This makes OLAP application development a point of interest for companies and organizations looking for a way to streamline their budgeting, forecasting, business process management, marketing and sales efforts.

Online Analytical Processing makes data mining much simpler and easier to implement, as the new interrelations between previously disconnected data elements come to light, often causing the decision makers to look at a particular issue in a completely different way.

Does OLAP need to be difficult and confusing?

Not at all. If you are serious about investing the time and effort into making an Online Analytical Processing application work for your business or organization, you should invest in top quality professional support to make this a reality. Setting up your OLAP Web application will take work, and it needs to be done just right if this whole experiment is to make any sense and bring benefits to your team. Many executives and decision makers switching to OLAP for their data analysis needs note that this cutting edge approach has allowed them to observe the inner workings of the business or organization like never before.


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