Thoransoft helps out 60 million girls to build offline learning tools.

Our deepest, sincerest thanks to eXplorance and Thoransoft for your pro-bono work on developing an off-line version of Fantastic Phonics literacy software.  


60 million girls is a Montreal-based completely volunteer run public foundation supporting access to quality education for girls and boys in the developing world since 2006.


By providing 60 million girls with your expertise, eXplorance and Thoransoft enabled us to find a way to transfer Fantastic Phonics from its web-based platform to a program which can be used on the Raspberry Pi. 

This will enable 60 million girls to now offer access to this well researched phonics literacy software to thousands of children, teachers and adults at virtually no cost, making a huge impact on learning outcomes in these communities.


Thank you!


Wanda Bedard

President, Founder

60 million girls Foundation


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